I got some very good results today, and I credit your visceral manipulations with the improvement. Last year, I had a Grade C inflammation in the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum. This year I had a Grade B in the esophagus and stomach, and no inflammation in the duodenum. Grade A is the least inflammation, and Grade D is the worst. I told the Nurse Practicioner about the visceral manipulation, and she had never heard of it. I now have to return for another endoscopy in two years, instead of one, and if I am still doing well, maybe I can space them out even further.
Ellen Thompson

Approximately five years ago I was referred to Paula Smart for Myofascial Massage for back pain. Following back surgery in ’06 I continued therapy which resulted in my no longer needing pain medication. October ’08 I had Open Heart Surgery followed by complications in ’09. As soon as I could I returned to Paula for therapy on my heart and back. Paula is very compassionate, a good listener and very knowledgeable about the human body. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing her services. She is a very special person.
Joan Kilman

Paula’s sensitivity, compassion and the range of modalities she offers, provides for a comforting and healing session. My body and spirit are grateful for her skilled hands and nurturing heart. As always I look forward to my next appointment. -Carol Layton

Paula has helped me with my scoliosis and my spine and posture is much straighter today because of her. Thank you Paula!
Doreen Craft

Paula is a terrific massage therapist! She is a life-long learner and is always taking classes to learn new theory and new techniques. There really should be some kind of distinction beyond LMT for her – since her abilities far surpass those of most massage therapists I have been to. In addition to her amazing skill as a massage therapist, she is a beautiful spirit.
Donna Dyer

I have been diagnosis with psoriasis of the liver; and thanks to Paula my liver enzymes are back to normal.
CJ Thomas

She has helped me with my back pain and scoliosis for several years now! She has a very unique therapy. She is very dedicated to her therapy. Most of all she cares about the individual.
Marie Acree

My neck pain has been relieved with her therapy.
Kevin Fitzsimmons

I have had incredible TMJ pain for the past decade and no one has been able to help me until I met Paula.
Michael Smith

I have been a client and now friend of Paula, for over 10 years. I would never go to anyone else. If you haven’t been to see Paula yet, you need to. No individual in the industry compares to her. She will help you with every muscle in your body.
Lynn Pischock

I was fortunate to discover you early in your career. Your therapy skills were excellent when you started. You have turned excellent into amazing.
Jennifer King

Paula and I have been working together for over 3 years and what a difference it she has made in my life. She is truly an expert in the field, constantly seeking to enhance her skills in order to bring better serve her clients. I feel very lucky to be under her care and to call Paula my friend.
Nancy Brarenton

I have been a patient, and then friend, of Paula for over 9 years. If you have pain…she can help you. I am constantly amazed at her knowledge and ability to pinpoint the areas which need work. Thanks for everything!
Deborah Cock

Paula has been my massage therapist for 8 years, and even with my move to another state, I have not found one to equal her technical skill and care for her clients. Her practice encompasses all elements of healing and rejuvenation: mind-body-heart-spirit. She has a deep knowledge of and ability to execute body manipulation that leads to deep and lasting comfort, and tailors each session to whatever your needs at that time are. My sessions with her are often a full-body “tune-up” when I come into town, but she still focuses on the current problem areas in a way that leaves me healthier and lighter in body and heart. She has been a gift in my life, both as massage therapist and eventually friend, and has brought relief, healing, and movement to my life.
Mary Ingram

I just wanted to let you know, my last visit was such a turning point for me. I was finally able to let go of all the stress and get back to my life. I have been feeling very well since then. Better than I’ve felt in a very long time. I just wanted to let you know what a profound difference it made for me. Thank you so much for doing the great work that you do.
Claudia Waller

Thank you ever so much—yesterdays therapy was a huge help– my TMJ problem seem normal today. I can’t thank you for enough for the help over the years with my bursitis of the hip, neck and shoulder pain. I wish I could pack you up and bring you to North Carolina. Love you,
Helen Holmes

Paula helped me with my pelvic lesion and all my back pain, she has straighten me right up. I have had back pain for years going to doctors, chiropractors, and therapists no one has been able to help me. After several surgeries, bowl obstructions, resections, back surgeries and a mesh to hold my organs up, I was left not able to work with so much pain. With Visceral Manipulation and other modalities she is terrific.
James Cash

I had a hip replacement done 18 yrs. ago, and revision done 2 yrs. ago. I have always lived with pain since the two surgeries. Then a year ago I fell and really put my body into a much higher level of pain. Went to the doctor after the fall he gave me pain shots and Physical Therapy. All of this was just a temporary relief of pain. The doctor suggested I take a special type of Massage Therapy with Paula Phelps Smart, LMT. It has help with atrophy. One of my legs has always been shorter. I have been able to reduce the amount of lift on my shoe. She has also been able to get into the connective tissue to get rid of scar tissue which also caused me pain. I will NOT need anymore pain shots.
Barbara Johnson 

Paula is the best massage therapist I have ever had in my life…and that’s a few dozen years:) Her knowledge, experience and compassion is more precious than gold. Countless different treatments and therapies did not help me as much as she has been able to. Thanks is not enough…you are a blessing!
Hector Danecki

Paula I have to let you know how thankful I am to you for taking care of the pain I was in a few years ago with my carpal tunnel and now I have arthritis and thank you for helping me again you are a blessing-  Ginger Cox

Paula is a warm, caring, gifted, healing earth angel. Her wholistic approach, knowledge and skill are all exceptional. After one session, I can tell I have come to the right person after years of pain from sports injuries, although it will take more than one session to undo a lot of trauma. Her use of KT tape really helps to maintain the results of a session and to retrain the muscles– something others do not do. I am so grateful my friend referred me to her, and I appreciate her service in the spirit.
Janet Warren

Paula is probably the best therapist I have seen. I moved to Tampa and was searching for a therapist that was similar to my Canadian one. After a lot of trial I found Paula. Her massage is not normal and that is what I like. Upon seeing Paula she can sense what is going on with my body and where I need work. I suffered with back pain for years but not since seeing Paula. She takes a holistic approach and uses her knowledge to heal the whole self.-
Laura Strouse

Paula is one of the best massage therapist s I have ever had work on me.  12 years ago I couldn’t l lift my left arm and after several sessions I not only could use my arm but restored to full function and she got me back on my feet again and I continue to use her today. I promise you will not be disappointed!
Barbara Hilt 

 I was introduced to Paula almost 15 years ago while training for a marathon. She is a truly amazing massage therapist. She has a unique gift for ascertaining what hurts, and then applies her years of diligent study of technique to help heal her clients.
Heather Parkinson

She really knows what she’s doing. Very kind, very effective. I highly recommend her services. Be sure to meet Sophia too.
Thomas Paine

 Paula has been amazing. I have fibromyalgia and she does myofascial release work on me. My pain levels used to be very high. With regular visits she helps keep my pain levels low. Her caring approach to her clients is truly a blessing to anyone that seeks her assistance. I also hold a lot of tension in my back and the relief her work has provided is truly a God-send! I walk out feeling a few inches taller and so much less constricted. There are so many things that the therapies Paula uses can help…everyone would benefit from a visit!
Anne Marie Murphy

Paula is one in a million! She is talented beyond belief and was a lifesaver for my daughter…who was seriously injured in an auto accident. I don’t know what we would have done without her. She is a very special lady!!! Thanks for all you have done for us!
Candy Frankland
You helped me tremendously and I am so grateful…. for weeks I was experiencing localized back pain and was reluctant to see a doctor. Finally, the pain became so intense, I needed to do something about it. The doctor ran some tests and confirmed that it was kidney stones. Ugh! Dutifully I followed the instructions: drink a lot of water/cranberry juice and try to exercise to move the stones. This went on for about another month and I was feeling more and more “crippled” by the experience. I couldn’t straighten my back or walk around without pain. It was my wife Anne who said – why don’t you visit Paula Phelps Smart, LMT and get some visceral manipulation? Surely she can offer some help. Days later I was the proud Papa of twin bouncing baby kidney stones. And, pain free!
Brian Murphy



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