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In response to COVID-19, I have implemented the following measures to ensure everyone’s safety, health, and well-being. Please be aware that some of my patients and I are high-risk.  

If you have been ill in the 7 days before your scheduled appointment please contact me to reschedule. 

Please come at your scheduled time and call or text when you arrive at 813-230-6180.  

Enter for your therapy down the right-hand side of my house through the massage room door. Before entering my home, use hand sanitizer outside the front door and immediately remove your shoes.  Leave shoes at the door.

NewsLetters will go here.


Great to test Food sensitivity

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One of my patient uses this for their posture with the zipper; they have it with the mens versions too. This is a great idea for posture issues and holding your shoulders back and supports the back.

Posture Affects Every Cell and Every Movement The Foundation ¾ Zip Tee is easy to take on and off, making it the ideal style during and after rehabilitation. The self-locking zipper allows you to customize the opening of the sh